Uninvited garden guests for Easter

2020-04-20 07:07 #0 by: Niklas

Yesterday when I went out the door, a blackbird flew past me just a meter away. When I looked where it came from, this is what I found. Apparently, it has been building a nest on a shelf next to our entrance door, and now it has laid Easter eggs there. 😀 It’s quite impractical since we use that door every time we go in and out. Hopefully, the eggs will hatch soon and the kids move out.

2020-04-20 09:49 #1 by: Evelina

Oh wow! Did you hear about the swans that build their nest in the tennis courts at Haga parken a couple years back? Silly birds 😝

2020-04-20 10:54 #2 by: Niklas

Yes, I remember that. 😀


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